Omg, If it’s not MR P’s Photography then I guarantee you, you will hate your pictures for whatever event you’re planning. I just got married in August of this year and was introduced to them by my matron. And ever since I have been shedding happy tears every time I look at my pictures. What I loved the most is that they listened and followed your heart to create the brightest smiles on all clients face and I was amazed by everything. Mr P is more than different than all photographers, he connects with your love to create your love story. Full of great advices and determinations to make all brides happy. I am ecstatic, I don’t regret a thing, I ADORE all of their works. When looking at my pictures it’s like I’m living a fairytale, and I’m the princess in the story. Their works give you the feeling of what out of this world actually is. Thank you so much for such marvelous pictures, thanks for the kind words, all the fun while the photoshoot. But most importantly thanks so much for establishing my love story right in front of my eyes to remind me that the good times are the greatest and through your works nothing can compare. Louidjy says he feels the same way but so blown away he still cannot put it in words to express how wonderful you guys were. Keep up the great works, We LOVE you guys.Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Mr & Mrs Lafalaise